Video Surveillance

Technology That Gives You Peace Of Mind…

• Network Video Recorders (NVR) and Digital Video Recorders (DVR)
• Up to 8TB Hard Drives
• View Remotely over Low Cost App
• Up to 4K Camera Resolution
• Motion Activated Recording

Cameras and Closed Circuit Television provide added security for any business or home. From hidden installed cameras to PC video surveillance software, Protection Alarms handles all kinds of products and installations. We can confidently say that our properly installed monitoring systems offer our customers numerous benefits including increased security, customer satisfaction, and insurance against theft. Whether you are considering installing cameras or CCTV for your home or your office, rest assured that you are making a wise investment.

Cameras first and foremost serve as a crime deterrent.

Would be home or business intruders quickly reconsider their actions when they notice a surveillance system. When criminals know they are being monitored, the likelihood of them performing an illegal act greatly reduces. Operational cameras during business hours stop potential shop lifters from considering theft.

All types of Businesses can use cameras.

Whether you own a restaurant, thrift store, or car lot, your business can benefit greatly from the proper installation of a monitoring system. In the case of legal matters such as lawsuits cameras can make the difference between a restaurant owner appearing negligible and paying thousands or avoiding any fault. Most retail stores report around a 30 percent loss due to shoplifters. Install video surveillance to let criminals know theft will not be tolerated.

Aside from deterring crime, cameras track it.

A proper working video camera system does more than just deter potential crime, it records any and all actions. If your store is broken into during the night, video cameras in and around your establishment will help police track the suspect. Furthermore, make reporting and collecting from insurance companies all the more easy.

Advances in technology make now the right time to install a video camera.

Security camera systems have greatly expanded their capabilities and functions with the advent of new technologies. Cameras come in both wired and wireless formats, all shapes and sizes, and offer a wide range of features. We provide camera systems with multiple functions including pan-zoom-tilt and night vision equipped lenses.

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We use only the best systems — Digimerge – FLIR

With years of experience in providing the best security, Protection Alarms understand what camera and CCTV systems provide the best protection. This is why we equip our clients with the Digimerg – FLir 960H Super-Res DVR.

Consider the cost of a security guard vs. security cameras.

Whether it is a large estate or a business establishment, owners want security. Many will attempt to achieve this by hiring security guards or companies to patrol their property. While a security guard can certainly provide added benefits, they cannot measure up to 24/7 monitoring that security cameras provide. Cameras are always fully functional, available at any and all locations, and do not require wage salaries.

Consider the Return on Investment cameras provide.

Still not convinced a camera system is right for you? Well consider this… The small upfront cost of purchasing and installing a camera or CCTV system pays for itself. Even if your home or business does not experience a break in or crime, this is testament to the added security your camera system is providing.

Customers feel safer where there are cameras.

That’s right. Cameras not only protect your business, they bring in more business as well. Various studies have shown that visible camera systems make customers feel more comfortable in an establishment. The appearance of cameras lets people know they are being watched, that the business is well protected, and that they can feel safe when they are there.

If you want to protect your family or your business… Make the right decision.

At Protection Alarms our goal to assure the security of our clients. If you still have more questions regarding a camera system or CCTV please Call Us Today (866) 359-6555 and learn more.