Stay connected to what matters most…

You probably already use a computer, cell phone, or other mobile device to check the weather, manage your bank account, and keep up with the latest breaking news. Now, Protection Alarms makes it just as easy for you to stay connected to what really matters most: your home and family.

Anyone who is serious about securing their home should take a look into the many different types of security systems that are being offered today. It doesn’t matter if your house is large or small, or if you live in a gated community or not; having a home security system installed in your home will keep it safer than if you didn’t have one installed at all.

  • Remote Access via Web & PDA
  • Check current system and sensor status
  • Arm and disarm the system from anywhere
  • Manage system access for multiple users
  • View recent system and sensor activity
  • Search up to 60 Days of activity history
  • Customize notification settings
  • Real-time alerts for All activity, not just alarms
  • No phone line or internet connection needed
  • Not vulnerable to line cut & tampering