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Four Ways to Use an Doorbell Camera

To Learn more about this Doorbell Camera contact Protection Alarms at 866.359.6555 Read the full article at Blog Your front doorway is a busy place. With visitors introducing themselves, your kids charging to and from the school bus, packages arriving, and hellos and goodbyes galore, it's hard for you to keep track of everyone who passes through. It's no wonder that doorbell cameras are now a smart home must-have, thanks to their ability to show you who's at the door, no matter where you are. And with an Doorbell Camera, that's just the start. Because these doorbell cameras are fully integrated into [...]

8 Mistakes to Avoid when Buying a Home Security Camera

Buying a home security camera is a big decision. After all, there are very few things more important than safety. Unfortunately, the industry is also a bit untamed. Here are common mistakes you should try to avoid. 1. Going cheap: Making a decision based upon price isn’t always advisable when it comes to home security. While the less expensive cameras may look the same as their more expensive brethren, they are often more difficult to set up, use, and include inferior software. 2. No night vision: This may seem obvious but it is astonishing how many readers forget to check for [...]

Skybell is home security disguised as a doorbell

Answer your door with a smartphone         SkyBell is a smart video doorbell that allows you to see, hear, and speak to the visitor at your door whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go. You can check this video out for more information: SKYBELL VIDEO Home security made easy Data suggests that burglars ring your doorbell to find out if you’re home or away. SkyBell has already helped customers prevent break-ins before they happen, keep their homes and families safe. Swap your current doorbell for a Skybell, and enjoy a higher level of safety and security with [...]

The Future of Home Security

Palo Alto-based Sunflower Labs has raised a seed round of $2.1 million to build a “home awareness system” that monitors homes beyond the doorway, yet is easy to install. The Sunflower System uses a different approach. It includes what the company is calling Smart Lights and Flying Cameras. Its sensor-laden smart lights are solar-powered, and can detect motion, sounds and vibrations while illuminating the perimeter of a property or its walkways. The lights communicate with a camera-equipped quadcopter. Whenever there’s uncommon activity identified by the smart lights, the quadcopter flies to where the action is, to capture video and transmit [...]
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    Remember to test alarms, smoke detectors when rolling you clocks back

Remember to test alarms, smoke detectors when rolling you clocks back

Remember to test alarms, smoke detectors when rolling you clocks back With the end of daylight savings time this weekend (Nov. 4th) and moving our clocks back one hour, Protection Alarms encourages you to mark the occasion as a time to test your home smoke alarms and replace the batteries. Every day in the United States, needless home fire deaths occur. Working smoke alarms significantly increase your chance of surviving a deadly home fire. A properly installed and maintained smoke alarm is the only thing in your home that can alert you and your family to a fire 24 hours a [...]
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Help! I Witnessed a Crime

Help! I Witnessed a Crime If you witness a crime or activity that seems unusual your first instinct may be to call for help and that is exactly what you should do. Surprisingly, many people don’t follow their instincts out of fear of getting involved, sounding silly, appearing overly suspicious or being identified. But, police need and want your help so it is imperative that you call. Here are a few tips to remember when calling 911. When placing the call: Let the operator control the conversation. He or she will know the questions to ask and may likely be filling out [...]
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Learn how to protect yourself from distraction burglaries

The suspects involved in these types of crimes are very organized and well spoken. They use a variety of ruses in order to “distract” their victims. For example, they will pose as tree trimmers, employees from utility companies, city workers, people in distress (pregnant female needing assistance with a flat tire) etc. What usually happens is one suspect distracts the homeowner by taking them outside the residence to show them the “problem” (i.e. tree that needs trimming or curb that needs painting). While the homeowner is distracted, the second suspect, usually never seen by anybody, enters the unlocked residence [...]
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Fire Department Shuts Down Public Access to Information

LAFD has been under fire over its misleading reports of response times. Citing a federal medical privacy law, the Los Angeles Fire Department announced Tuesday it would no longer provide the public with basic information about fires, medical calls, traffic accidents or other emergencies it responds to. LAFD public information officers contacted by City News Service Tuesday about various fire calls — including a vehicle shearing a fire hydrant in North Hills and a collision between a food truck and a car in downtown Los Angeles that sent two people to hospitals — said they were not permitted to provide […]
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Advisory: Five things that your friendly burglar wants to tell you.

1.If you don't answer when I knock, I'll try the door. Occasionally, I hit the jackpot and walk right in. 2. If I am ambitious enough to invade your home while you are there – you may want to consider “answering” my door knock through the door – “Hello – who are you – no, I don’t want any – go away or I’ll call the police” And I will go away. So DO NOT OPEN IT! But if I hear your voice speaking with me – I will move on to another home that may let me in! 3. Maybe [...]
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Chatsworth Crime Clusters on Just 5 Days

Crime Clusters on Just 5 Days Of 110 crimes reported, 30 occurred on these five days: Oct. 12, 21, 26, 28 and Nov. 2.  Chatsworth crimes from Sept. 25 through Nov. 12.Credit  During the 48 days from Sept. 25 through Nov. 12, there were 110 reported crimes in the Chatsworth area, according to, a website which aggregates daily crime reports directly from the Police Department. After an unusually violent summer, Chatsworth cooled off as the school year began. However, crime has tipped upward once more, although violent crime remains low. During the last reporting period Chatsworth averaged 1.6 […]
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